Honor to a veteran who rescued a woman in danger

Jeannie St. John Taylor,
Oregon Author, Culture Proof Kids

I want to use Memorial Day to honor my nephew a member of the US Air Force and a local hero for saving another person’s life.  Watch his amazing story on the video below and read the further story about his plans to run for Congress.

Adam is running against a first-term Democrat in the traditionally-Republican Eleventh Congressional District of Illinois. and you’ll be seeing a lot of him on the news now that he’s home from military duty in Iraq.

The video talks about his heroism one night while walking and he heard a woman scream.  Glancing up he saw a young woman with her throat slit running toward him, her eyes fastened on him, begging for help. The woman’s assailant followed close behind, knife in hand, drug-crazed expression on his face. Adam recalls thinking, “This is gonna hurt” before wrestling the attacker to the ground and restraining him for several long minutes until the police arrived.

That single act earned Adam the Southeastern Wisconsin Red Cross title of Hero of the Year, but it’s not the first brave act I remember from Adam. In junior high school, Adam took a firm stance against abortion when he applied to be the Student Representative for Scholastic Magazine’s board even though he knew that to be an unpopular stance that would likely hurt his chances. To his surprise, he defeated more than 100,000 other kids and won the position.

At  twenty-one he became the then-youngest elected McLean county board member. He’s an Air Force Special Operations Pilot and served with bravery and honor in a war zone.  He is a committed Christian, and to me a spiritual brother. My brother could use your prayers in the upcoming months as he takes upon the biggest challenge of his life.  Read more about him on his website and tell him Aunt Jeannie introduced you to him.

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