B.C. Cartoon issues first ever religious themed collection

NEW BOOK: I Did It His Way:  A collection of B.C. Religious Comic Strips is

(Nashville, Tenn.) The talented creator of B.C. and co-creator of The Wizard of Id, Hart delighted comic-lovers since 1958 with his quick wit and simple humor. After his well publicized conversion to Christianity in 1977, Hart began to use his faith as catalyst for his comics, despite the controversial reception of his new faith by the industry. Now, for the first time, I Did It His Way provides a collection of B.C. comics on religious themes.

The B.C. comic was surely Hart’s greatest masterpiece, appearing in over 1300 newspapers for over fifty years. The setting is pre-historic, yet the characters are timeless. Any reader can find him or herself in the cast of cavemen and women: humble B.C., Peter the Philosopher, one-legged Wiley, or the strong and intimidating Fat Broad. These characters, combined with Hart’s gift of using an ancient setting for modern commentary, made B.C. a goldmine for hilarious comics on any number of subjects. By his own admission, however, the famed cartoonist’s favorite strips were those that involved matters of faith.

I Did It His Way represents the realization of one of Hart’s deepest desires.  When Hart passed away the day before Easter 2007, he was hard at work on gathering these religious strips into a collection to share with his readers. His daughter, Perri, coordinated efforts with his wife, Bobby, to make the collection a reality, “This book is a dream that Johnny and I shared,” remembers Bobby. “I knew I had to finish our dream.”

I Did It His Way is an exceptional gift for any B.C. fan or anyone who would enjoy a smile from these hilarious and inspirational reflections on the life of faith. Hart was a master of the comic strip, and his timeless humor about what really matters will never be forgotten.

Johnny Hart was an award-winning author who is best known for his comic strip B.C., about humorous life in the Stone Age which started its run in newspapers in February 1958, and continued for a span of fifty years, appearing in over 1300 daily newspapers worldwide.

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