Family friendly films score at box office

By Beaver Believer, Portland

Pixar’s movie, Up, scored $68 million opening weekend helping to make a record 10 out of 10 number one opening weekend hit movies. Family friendly films do succeed.

The coveted Memorial weekend saw the battle of two debut titan films, Night at the Smithsonian (very family friendly) versus Terminator 4. The Night at the Smithsonian sailed past Terminator 4 $70 million to Terminator’s $51 million. Interestingly, Terminator 4 was rated PG-13 compared to the first thee Terminators which were all rated R.

The not-so religion friendly movie Angels and Demons debuted May 16th to a healthy $46 million but well below its predecessor The DaVinci Code’s debut of $77 million. After its opening weekend Angels and Demons has since trailed Star Trek which was released earlier in the month.   All signs point to a vibrant family consumer audience willing to support quality films.  Hollywood please take notice.

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