Archdiocese statement: Removal of protective order

By Portland Archdiocese,

The Archdiocese of Portland disagrees with the decision to lift the protective order on certain clergy personnel files. In some cases, no claim was ever brought against the individual whose file is now ruled public. For some of the files, an individual was accused of misconduct with no proof other than the accusation itself. Accusations without proof should not result in an employee’s files being made public. The court itself states that the order is “neither suggesting or deciding that th[e] allegations were meritorious.”

The Archdiocese released approximately 400 documents in April 2007, and approximately 2,000 additional documents in April 2008. Documents were also released in November 2008 and January 2009 after a process of arbitration by United States Federal District Court Judge Michael Hogan. Archbishop Vlazny stated at a news conference in April 2007: “As part of the healing process and in the interests of transparency, we will also be releasing relevant and appropriate documents, after a process that seeks a fair and just result for all concerned.” The documents previously released met the qualifications for “relevant and appropriate” documents. Removing the protective order on additional documents does not.


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