Former male chauvinist writes book on women

Former Chauvinist Inspired to Write Book that Teaches Women How to be Women and Men How to Live with Them

BURLINGTON, NJ, — In a world filled with men from Mars and women from Venus, Eric F. Ricks thinks he has finally learned the secret to peace in the home and elsewhere. He is learning to speak Venusian.”It took nearly 50 years of marriage and 35 years of leading and teaching others, but I think I finally understand women,” Ricks, 68. “Okay, I’ll say that I get them a little bit better than I did years ago. At least now, I try to understand their language.”

Ricks, who is senior pastor and founder of Faith Deliverance Worship Center, Inc., on Route 130 North in Burlington, N.J., is the author of a captivating new book on women titled Woman, God Made You A Queen For Life (Anointed Word Media Group/Men of Standard, 2008). The former, self-proclaimed chauvinist said that God gave him insight into the nature of women several years ago when he was preparing to teach his congregation a lesson on the family.

“They say when the purpose of a thing is not understood, abuse is inevitable,” he admits. “I must say for many years I was insensitive and really just didn’t understand the nature and the role of women as God created them.”

“When I received this revelation about the bilateral essence of women and the fact that they are ‘queens’ in God’s eyes, it was like waking up from a long sleep,” said Ricks, whose wife of 46 years, Minister Vernell Ricks, serves in ministry with him. “I get it now and I know I must share it.”

Now, this husband, pastor, teacher, mentor and friend has turned that life-altering message into a book that he believes will liberate and empower women to embrace and walk into their God-given purpose in their marriages, families, churches, and in society.

Woman, God Made You A Queen For Life offers spiritual insights, practical guidelines, and honest testimonies that will challenge women to learn and grow into the “queens” that God intended them to be. It also unveils mysteries tucked away in the Scriptures to help men gain a more profound understanding of and appreciation for the women in their lives.

For more information about Pastor Eric F. Ricks or Woman, God Made You A Queen For Life, contact Genikwa R. Williams at 609-216-0268 or at [email protected].

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