Multnomah Seminary: First Reno, now Anchorage

Multnomah University News, Multnomah Biblical Seminary Brings “Connect” to Anchorage.  Multnomah Biblical Seminary’s distributed learning program “Connect” continues to expand. With its newest extension site established in Anchorage, Alaska, Multnomah now provides an accessible, achievable, and affordable seminary education opportunity to aspiring seminarians in Alaska.

Unlike many distance learning programs, Connect is set apart by the prominent involvement of the highly-esteemed Multnomah Biblical Seminary faculty in the online and extension site classes. Students will be able to interact directly with Multnomah faculty, rather than temporary adjunct professors or through teachers’ aides, as is common with many other distance programs.


Through Connect, Multnomah will offer roughly two-thirds of a complete Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies degree in Anchorage through a blend of local and online courses. Shortened, intensive summer school classes are offered at the Portland, Oregon campus to complete the residency requirement. The Graduate Certificate program can be done almost entirely online. This convenient plan provides an alternative to the burden of uprooting family, work, and ministry to relocate to another region or state – the usual option for aspiring seminarians.


The structure of Multnomah Connect makes completing a seminary degree more realistic than ever before. Connect uses a hybrid style of learning that blends online technologies with in-person classes. This format fosters close interaction with faculty and classmates to keep students moving toward the end goal.


A Multnomah Biblical Seminary degree through Connect doesn’t require relocation to the Portland area. This makes it easier to save money by keeping your current job and avoiding moving costs. Multnomah’s competitive tuition also makes a degree more affordable.


“Multnomah Connect will bring accredited seminary education to leaders already serving in ministry, particularly in Reno and Anchorage,” said Dr. Robb Redman, dean of Multnomah Biblical Seminary. “Now students can take advantage of our outstanding faculty and learn in the context of their own ministries. I’m excited about working with churches and ministries to develop the next generation of leaders through Reno and Anchorage.”

“Extending seminary education through the internet means that we come to you, helping you grow where you are already planted,” said Chuck Schreiner, director of distance education. “This helps save resources, time and energy that used to be devoted to travel, moving, and being away from your family and community.”

“Distributing learning this way also changes how knowledge and practical experience is acquired,” Schreiner said. “It helps students take the knowledge given in class and apply it to their own ministries and life situations – students manage their own learning goals. ”


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About Multnomah:  Multnomah University is a fully accredited, private, non-denominational, Christian institution of higher education, located in Portland, Oregon. Made up of an undergraduate Bible college, a biblical seminary, graduate programs, an adult degree completion program, and an online distance-learning program, Multnomah issues bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and professional certifications and endorsements.

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