Please no God talk in your wife-cheating press conference

By Beaver Believer, Portland

Governor Mark Sanford’s infidelity press conference was filled with references to God.   Is this the best choice?   This may be appropriate if you are being more honest, humble and personally responsible than the average spouse-cheating-Mea-Culpa press conference.   Unfortunately, the public did not perceive it as such.   Critics can be found even in our home state of Oregon.    A Portland Examiner article stated that his spiritual mentor made excuses for the governor’s behavior and that the governor did not act responsible.   Governor Sanford did not take 100% responsibility when he refused to admit at his press conference that he deceived his staff during the week long disappearance fiasco.

Sanford looked further out of control when he uncovered that this problem already was brought before his family and friends, and he still continued for months to repeat the mistake.  This is normal behavior of such actions.  The point is that this history destroys his credibility at his press conference.  Why should people trust you now?

Others would say that the governor would take full responsibility if he would voluntary resign.  Doing so would have definitely showed above the norm character.    You can’t argue with a guy who resigns.  I do not know the man’s heart.  What I do know is that his actions ruin his credibility and do not show heightened accountability from the public.   Being stuck in that situation, I would advise to leave God out of your speeches.   It looks like you are trying to squander a good name to protect your own.  In this age of rampant adultery, the clergy need all the good name and credibility they can to help minister to those who are still stuck in it.   Governor Sanford’s actions helps to muddy the waters for everyone.

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