Vatican Radio takes up ads for the first time

For the first time in the Vatican Radio’s 80-year history, ads will be featured.  Henry Chu of the Los Angeles Times reports;

“Vatican Radio, the official voice of the Roman Catholic Church, has begun airing advertisements for the first time in its nearly 80-year history, injecting a bit of the profane into its otherwise unwavering lineup of sacred programming.  Now, in addition to tracking every move Pope Benedict XVI makes and every word he utters, listeners are being treated to 45-second ads, made in five languages, extolling Italy’s largest power company, Enel, and the virtues of clean energy. The commercials are a genuflection to economic reality at a time of global downturn. Despite its divine mission, the Vatican has not been insulated from temporal turbulence, running an ungodly deficit of $22 million last year.” Continue reading.

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