Open Arms returns from Kenya

We welcome back from Kenya our first two summer outreach teams!
Open Arms International,
Portland, Oregon

Team 1 worked at the Open Arms Village, landscaping around two of the new children’s homes. They shoveled dirt from large piles into wheelbarrows, then dumped that dirt around the homes to level out the ground. Once the dirt was all moved and compacted, they dug up grass from a nearby field and planted it in front of the homes so the children will have a beautiful yard to play in.

Click here to see more photos from Team 1.

Team 2 hosted a medical clinic for the community in and around the Kambi Teso slum. In four days, the team of 26 (plus six local medical students, one Ugandan doctor, three Ugandan dentists, and one Ugandan ophthalmologist!) treated:

• 1,069 patients in medical
• 174 in dental
• 420 in eye
• 1,243 in pharmacy
• 210 tested for HIV (9 were positive)
We are also celebrating the 37 healings and 81 salvations that occurred during that time!

The last team of the summer is flying out July 25 to host another medical clinic. Because of heavy demand for services during our previous clinic, our medical supplies and funding for this outreach are running very low. Any help you could provide for medicines and supplies would allow us to touch hundreds more with medical treatment and the love of Jesus they so desperately need. Please click the “Donate Now” button to donate online or, if you prefer to donate by phone, please call 503-296-9989.

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