U.K. gay marriages decline 18%

Showing that government forecasting on marriages is just as dicey as predicting the economy, The Daily Mail Reporter in England reports that new civil partnerships are in a decline.   Some theorize that the drop reflects current cultural norms where couples delay or forgo formal wedding rituals.   Here is the article:

“The popularity of civil partnerships among homosexuals has fallen sharply, figures showed yesterday.  The number of gay and lesbian couples having the ceremonies, which give them the same legal privileges as husbands and wives, dropped by almost a fifth last year.  They are now at a level well below what ministers predicted when the legislation was being drawn up six years ago.  Figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that 7,169 civil partnerships were formed last year, down from 8,728 in 2007. The total is far less than the 18,000 gay relationships that were legally recognized in the boom year of 2006, when many longstanding couples took advantage of the partnership law in its first months of operation. ” Continue reading.

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