Washington Marriage Petition nets 137,000 signatures

Protect Marriage Washington Press Release:
Arlington, Washington, 7-31-09

A good day 1 for R-71 signature validation!  The following are highlights from today’s (Friday, July 31) posting on the Secretary of State’s website:

“During the first day of signature-verification for Referendum 71, over 5,000 voter signatures were scrutinized and the error rate was 11.34 percent…The early error rate (the count could take the better part of a month) at the current pace of checking by about 20 crew members was running cleaner than the historic average of 18 percent. Sponsors, a campaign group called Protect Marriage Washington, submitted 137,689 signatures. That is roughly 14 percent more than the bare minimum, 120,577, required to secure a place on the   November ballot.”

This is clearly good news for our side. We do, however, have a long ways to go with the count and we will need to maintain an error rate below 14% to prevail.  Please keep this matter in your prayers over the weekend, and keep praying that we will succeed in bringing R-71 before the people of Washington State in November!

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