Faith and Family Film Review: The Informant

Faith and Family Film Review: The Informant! – R
Office of Catholic Film and Broadcasting

— Diverting fact-based comedy about an up-and-coming agribusiness executive (Matt Damon) who suddenly turns whistleblower, revealing his company’s role in an international price-fixing scheme to the FBI, but his undercover collaboration with two special agents (Scott Bakula and Joel McHale) is continually complicated by his eccentric delusions and by his reluctance to tell the whole truth. Director Steven Soderbergh’s offbeat adaptation of journalist Kurt Eichenwald’s book recounting the case, which also features Melanie Lynskey as the mole’s long-suffering wife, benefits from Damon’s intense performance as a curiously sympathetic egomaniac, though its treatment of both corporate and individual misdeeds may strike some as frivolous. A few uses of profanity and some rough and crude language.  A-III — adults. (R) 2009.  Full Review

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