Love Boat actor debuts in faith-based film: Secrets of Jonathan Perry

Fox News reports, “Macleod, 78, is a born again Christian now piloting a career in the Christian film industry, and starring in the movie “The Secrets of Jonathan Perry,” which opens this weekend.”I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Gregory Peck, Mary Tyler Moore,” he told FOX News in an exclusive interview. “[But] the biggest honor I have ever had was to play the role of Jonathan Sperry in this simple but special film.”The film is about three 12-year old boys who are best buddies in the summer of 1970. One of them mows the lawn for an elderly widower named Jonathan Sperry. The two develop a unique friendship as Sperry employs Biblical teachings to help the boy and his friends deal with a bully, a secret crush, and other life challenges.”The film is about forgiveness,” Macleod says. “Forgiveness is one of the greatest tools God has given us.”  Continue Reading

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