Faith-Family Film Review: The Vampire's Assistant

Faith and Family Film Review: Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant – PG 13
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting,

A strait-laced high school student (Chris Massoglia) and his rebellious best friend (Josh Hutcherson) get mixed up in a centuries-old conflict between a race of human-friendly vampires (led by John C. Reilly) and a group of homicidal bloodsuckers known as the Vampaneze. Director and co-writer Paul Weitz’s unfocused adaptation of three novels in Darren Shan’s “Cirque du Freak” series of children’s books, which gets off to a stylish start but bogs down in a meandering plot and overlong fight scenes, offers such a bleak outlook on conventional family life that joining the community of the undead and being adopted by the traveling sideshow of the title — populated by a beard-sprouting lady (Salma Hayek), a Japanese giant (Ken Watanabe) and the like — is presented as an inviting alternative. Considerable hand-to-hand and knife violence, some crude and crass language, and a pornography reference.  A-III — adults. (PG-13) 2009.  Full Review

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