Faith survey results on roadside sign holders

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Do you believe that giving money to sign holders on the side of the road…

Comments below:

– I don’t have a set rule. I guess I just follow my gut feeling with each situation.

– I don’t judge whether or not the individuals are truly in need; as a single woman I give to charities instead of personal contact on the street.

– Prefer to donate money to legimate organizations which are better equiped to help people on the streets and provide some accountability.

– reality: homeless have access to adequate food; those “flying a sign” are seeking drug money

– We are called to help those in need – we are NOT called to judge nor make assumptions as to how they will use the money. It’s called having faith that they will do the right thing, regardless of whether or not they do.

– Many of the locations are bought and sold properties

– I notice from their BMI they are eating well

– I’d be more likely to provide food than money…don’t really know what they will buy with it

– Even so, I try to look at them and smile…treat them with respect.

– Option #4. is better to be given to a charity that helps them

– There are no shortages of entry-level jobs

– I work in the homeless sector, and they know the resources are available.

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