Survey Results: Obama and Dalai Lama visit

Results of Oregon Faith Report survey,
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Question: President Obama was the first President since 1991 to defer on a meeting with the Dalai Lama (during his visit to Washington D.C). Supporters say it is more important to open new relations with China first and work with helping Tibet once better ties are established. Opponents say it was a symbolic set-back in religious freedom and human rights. Do you agree, disgagree with President Obama’s decision?

– “Another example of how our debt to China has them dicating our public policy, even meeting policy”

– “The WH Press Secretary didn’t have much to say on this when asked.  I wonder if more will be said later.”

– “What wisdom there is in jumping to conclusions before fully understanding the whole situation. Did anyone think to ask WHY he was defering the meeting?”

– “O’s religious beliefs are suspect”

– “Too early to rush to judgment”

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