950 crimes against churches in 2009

CINCINNATI, Ohio,  — By all accounts, the murdered Catholic Nun in New Mexico was worried about crime and her safety; she was killed on October 31st and her killer(s) are still at large.  “It is very sad to see another incident occur in the Christian community and another life lost. This isn’t a ‘big headline story,’ but it deserves the attention of church leaders nonetheless.” stated Jeff Hawkins, executive director of the Christian Security Network (CSN) (www.christiansecuritynetwork.org)

The Christian Security Network has tracked over 950 crimes against Christian churches so far this year including 40 violent incidents, 1 child kidnapping, 1 attempted child kidnapping, 85 arsons, and over 600 burglaries resulting in over $20 million in losses.

Hawkins goes on to state, “Church leaders need to take measures to protect themselves, their staff and volunteers, and their congregation. The church is simply seen by criminals as an easy target. Churches don’t take the proper precautions that other industries and organizations do in the secular world. You can’t stop every crime, but what we are seeing is no measures being taken at all — many church leaders really believe it won’t happen to them, until it does.”

This homicide comes on the heels of the murder of a Catholic Priest in New Jersey on October 23rd. Jeffrey A. Hawkins is available for interviews on this topic. He is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement and security and formerly chief security officer for an international Christian ministry. He regularly consults with churches and denominations and heads an international, interdenominational security committee. Hawkins is frequently quoted in magazines, newspapers, radio and television.

— The Christian Security Network (www.christiansecuritynetwork.com) is a national organization
dedicated to the advancement of security, safety and emergency planning for Christian churches, schools, ministries and missionaries. CSN offers a free weekly e-mail newsletter, conducts online webinars, on-site risk assessments, and provides training through its church hosted seminar program. CSN is quickly becoming the primary resource for Christian organizations in the areas of security and emergency planning.

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