Survey: Blame, lessons from the Fort Hood Shooting

Oregon Faith Report Reader Survey,
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1. In the Fort Hood base shooting what is your leading concern?  (A) A rush to judgment or unfair blaming religion for a single person’s act. (B) The Army is not addressing combat stress, extended missions and other issues that make soldiers snap. (C) The Army is not properly addressing elements of religious extremism in its own ranks


– After the shooting, the media discussed a few facts that pointed to an act of terrorism as opposed to a man insane.  As time went on, we learned more about him, with evidence of terrorist literature and a radical cleric email. The picture is getting clearer everyday.

– I am just waiting to hear what the killer’s first words are going to be, are you not as well?

– Islamic terrorism at home is a touchy subject because no one wants to label anyone, but when it comes to national security you can’t ignore any warning signs for fear of politics.

– This tragedy was preventable. Period!

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