Miracles do happen. One child's story.

By Susan Cavendish
Holt International,

Eugene Oregon

We adopted Mindy through Holt from South Korea in 1987.  It was discovered shortly after that Mindy had a huge hole in her eardrum. Over the next months, her eardrum deteriorated until there was no eardrum in her left ear. She suffered frequent ear infections and febrile seizures, as well as had major speech delays.

We moved from Nebraska to New York and began seeing a new Ear Nose and Throat Doctor who Mindy adored. He told us about a surgery that Mindy would be able to have when she was 8 years old. Meanwhile, she would have to undergo surgeries to remove the cysts that formed deep in her ear canal. Mindy lived with pain in her ear most of the time, and we constantly prayed that something could be done.

A few months after our first visit to the doctor, Mindy had an appointment to schedule surgery to remove a painful cyst. That night Mindy awoke screaming in pain. I carried her downstairs where I was watching the movie “The Greatest Story Ever Told”.

Mindy asked, “Mommy, can Jesus still make people all better like He did in the movie?” I really didn’t know, and I said so. Mindy folded her hands and bowed her little head. She prayed out loud: “God and Jesus please fix my ear and make it better. I love you. Amen.”

The next morning, we went to see Dr. Rodriguez for the pre-surgery visit. He looked in one ear, then the other shook his head and said, “There is a brand new baby eardrum in there!” Well, the nurse had to look. Then the doctor had to look again! Pretty soon, people were coming in and out, looking in Mindy’s ear. Dr. Rodriguez said, “I just don’t know how this happened. Two days ago, there was no eardrum in here.”

Mindy said, “I asked Jesus to fix my ear, and He did!”

I almost fell off of my chair! Mindy smiled sweetly and told the doctor her ears didn’t hurt anymore. The doctor ran hearing tests on both ears. Both were perfect. Then a huge tear rolled down his cheek! The doctor was crying! We had been given a miracle!

The doctor told me to take Mindy home and plan a trip to Walt Disney World (Mindy’s biggest wish) to celebrate and to go swimming. She was never allowed to get water in her ears so hair washing was difficult and swimming was definitely not allowed. We thanked God over and over again for this wonderful blessing.

Mindy did get to go swimming at Walt Disney World, and she has never had an ear infection or any hearing problems since that day. Her ears are absolutely perfect. No surgeries have ever been needed. Her speech gradually improved with no further therapy.

When Mindy graduated from high school, she received a full scholarship to Columbia College. She thought she might like to major in dance. She also thought of becoming a physical therapist. Then she thought she might like to be a biologist and perhaps go to medical school. But nothing felt quite right.

Two weeks after she started college, I had a dream that Mindy would become a speech therapist and work with children who were hearing impaired. I didn’t talk to Mindy about it, but that same week, Mindy met the director of the Speech and Language Pathology Department and she became interested in the program.

Mindy took American Sign Language and later worked with hearing impaired students, as well as a job working with children who had autism. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in May, with a degree in Speech Language Pathology. Mindy has so many gifts to give, and she gives of herself freely and with joy.

Once upon a time we dreamed of loving a little child from a far away land. Holt International helped Mindy to have a family, and gave us a daughter. But God’s plan was even greater! He gave us the gift of a miracle, and we can only imagine what the future holds!

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