New Chuck Norris book delves into politics and religion

In the New York Times bestselling book Black Belt Patriotism: Chuck Norris filters America’s outsized national issues through the Founding Fathers’ eyes and the guiding principles that established our nation. The citizen activist also gives the paperback version 64 pages of additional insight. “We seem to have lost a sense of ourselves and our place in the world. As a people we seem more divided than ever,” Norris says. “I’ve outlined the major problems I think our country faces . . . and what seem to me to be practical, real-world solutions we can either do ourselves or pressure our politicians into doing

Norris sees the nation’s problems in terms of what’s missing: 1.) national legacy, 2.) spending-control, 3.) border control, 4.) moral compass, 5.) enough value for human life, 6.) future for the children, 7.) traditional family values, 8.) might to fight.

Norris cites a 2007 study commissioned by the US Mint, in which only 30 percent of Americans knew that Thomas Jefferson was our third president and only 7 percent could name the first four presidents in order. “Most Americans have no clue why our Founders created this country, what principles motivated them, or why they framed our Constitution as they did,” he concludes. His book’s appendix has full copies of the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and The Ten Commandments.

Norris admits that he’s a celebrity crusading through politics for national change. Greg Corombos, in Human Events said: “Most Americans, especially conservatives, loathe few things more than having to hear celebrities discuss politics and the major cultural issues of the day. [In Norris, we] have actually found a celebrity with a ‘life’s mission’ that is not about his own career advancement or popularity.”

An Air Force veteran, star of 23 films and nearly 10 times that many episodes of the hit TV series Walker, Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris and his wife, Gena, are committed to ensuring that future American generations also enjoy the blessings of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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