Edgy faith film aims for S. Oregon opening

Outstanding Movie Ready to Come to Southern Oregon
Paul Coughlin, Southern Oregon
The Protectors

We have been asked to help bring to Southern Oregon a life-changing movie with eternal importance, and we’re excited to share this opportunity with you.  It’s called “To Save a Life,” and it’s a faith-inspired movie that’s unique in that it appeals to more than the faith community. This movie, without being preachy or campy, encourages youth to be more compassionate, courageous and loving to those who are lonely and looked down upon in school. And unlike some other faith-inspired movies, it does an excellent job of describing the danger of insincere claims to faith.  As the Founder of The Protectors, the only faith-based and values-based anti-bullying solution of its kind, I have the privilege of meeting with thousands of school children across America and abroad. Their stories are heartbreaking. I’ve seen the fatigue of despair in their eyes as well as hopelessness and even rage. Most targets of bullying are incapable of self-rescue. They need an advocate, and this soulful movie does just that.

The Secret Service interviewed 37 school shooters and asked them why they did it. More than 80% said they attacked classmates, teachers and administrators because they had been bullied, most of them for years. America is in the midst of a wave of bullycide-suicide due to bullying. Thankfully, this life-changing movie is already helping to stem such cruelty and hopelessness by encouraging youth to become advocates for others in need.

What is particularly powerful about this movie is that it centers around a popular student athlete. This is important, because athletes set the moral thermostat in most every school. As a coach for more than 15 years, I’ve seen how athleticism is currency in youth culture, and the film’s main character, Jake, learns how to spend that currency on behalf of others. But cruelty is also a currency in youth culture, so Jake has a choice to make–as do most students today. This movie inspires students to make the right choice, and in doing so, possesses the capacity to change youth culture one school and one youth group at a time.

But we need your support in order to bring this powerful movie to southern Oregon.

We have an ambitious goal: 800 to 1,000 tickets for approximately six showings at Tinsel Town (651 Medford Center, Medford) starting on Friday, March 5 and ending Thursday, March 11. Tickets are $7.50 for adults, and $5.50 for children (1-11) and seniors (62+).

In order for To Save a Life to save lives in southern Oregon, we need:

1.To sell blocks of tickets of 20 or more at a time. Please send your check to The Protectors: PO Box 4457, Medford, OR 97501. Tickets are also available at all three Evangel Family Bookstores:
Grants Pass: 201 NE 6th Street, 541.476.5125
Klamath Falls: 1775 Washburn Way
Medford: Rogue Valley Mall, 541.772.2849

2. Sponsors who through their generosity and passion will help entire youth groups attend this movie for free. This has been done in other communities, and it’s our hope to do the same here. Your donation is tax deductible. Please send your check to: The Protectors, PO Box 4457 Medford OR. In the Memo field write: “To Save a Life.” You can also donate through PayPal by going to the donations button at www.theprotectors.org. In the comment field write “To Save a Life.”

3. Spread the word by going to https://www.tosavealifeleaders.com/, where you can watch movie trailers and receive more information about how this movie is changing lives across the country.

This will be our only opportunity to spread this unique message of hope, faith and justice to those who desperately need all three.
For more information please contact me at [email protected] or 541.840.2816.

Paul Coughlin
The Protectors: The Faith-Based & Values-Based Solution to Adolescent Bullying

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