Survey: Sex-Ed choice for schools

Oregon Faith Report Survey,

Oregon recently end all abstinence only education in public schools.  A survey of Oregon Faith Report viewers revealed their choice for sex-education where over 70% do want some form of abstinence education.  28% said they would prefer no-sex at all.

Preferred choice of teaching sex education

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– Would prefer abstinence-only education, but don’t feel that is realistic in a public school. I would support a more comprehensive program if the focus was heavy on abstinence-only with a solid moral foundation, but that’s likely not realistic for a public school.   

– Sex education alone will not prevent teens from having sex. I think all measures should be taken to prevent teen pregnancies.

– I think that sex education is primarily the responsibility of families and churches and parents should have the option to exempt their students from these classes.

– Sex education has been way out of control for years, and I would want a class to be optional so that parents can choose what their children learn.

– I have never read anything about the emotional aspects of having sex as a young person. The Hollywood and romance novels myths needs to be addressed.

– Pregnancy rates and abotion rates have risen since sex ed has been given in schools. I think that parents should take care of educating their kids.

– The schools I know of, have great programs that honor parents wishes

– Are we not asking schools to do too much?

– The more you know the more you know, why not both?

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