Family-Faith Film Review: She's Out of My League

Family-Faith Film Review: She’s Out of My League
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

She’s Out of My League—Raunchy romantic comedy in which a nerdy but good-hearted Pittsburgh airport security agent (Jay Baruchel) manages to attract the interest of a fetching, sophisticated party planner (Alice Eve), and endures a series of romantic ups and downs, as his three slacker best friends and co-workers (Mike Vogel, T.J. Miller and Nate Torrence) as well as his ornery ex-girlfriend (Lindsay Sloane) insist the relationship will never last. Director Jim Field Smith squanders potentially worthwhile themes about rejecting stereotypes and basing lasting attachments on personal rather than merely physical qualities, opting instead for a barrage of sophomoric antics and frequently distasteful sight gags. Pervasive sexual humor, rear nudity, brief nongraphic sexual activity, implicit approval of premarital sex, about 10 uses of profanity, and constant rough and crude language, including at least 40 uses of the F-word.  O — morally offensive. (R) 2010.  Full Review

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