Prom war over same-sex dates in Mississippi

Faith News Note;

A senior at Mississippi Itawamba Agriculture High School has been told that she cannot bring her girlfriend to the upcoming High School prom. The ACLU has sent a letter in protest and threatening a lawsuit.   Supporters of the policy say that schools have a right to make their own rules.  A final or change of decision has yet to be announced for the April 4th dance.

From WXVT News, “ACLU Legal Director Kristy Bennett says school officials told McMillen she couldn’t arrive with her date and might be asked to leave if others complain about their presence. The ACLU says the school also wouldn’t let McMillen wear a tuxedo. District Superintendent Teresa McNeece didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment. In its letter, the ACLU says the school’s decisions violates the student’s constitutional rights.”

From One News Now“Mat Staver, founder of Orlando-based Liberty Counsel, says school districts have the right to set policies for events such as the prom. “Obviously individuals can come alone; they could even come with a friend,” says the attorney. “But when it becomes more sexual, as it relates to a prom — and [when] it becomes same sex — I think the school has the legitimate right, particularly within the law, that allows it to define the kind of event that it is going to sponsor.”

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