Why Oregonians do not give more

Oregon Faith Report Survey,

A previous Oregon Faith Report survey showed that 38% of Oregonians in the faith community had donated to Haiti relief efforts within the first month.  This is an encouraging number.  What about the 62% that had not given?  Can Oregon ministries improve their fundraising efforts?  The results of another Faith Report survey show that the answer is “yes”.

I would donate more to a charity or religious cause if…

When asked about donating more to a charity or church, 48% said the money was going to the right place, 32% if there was less overhead, 12% They allowed credit card or online donations and 8% if they were asked more.   These are legitimate and resolvable concerns that many ministries can adapt to if they wish to increase involvement and fundraising.

Below are comments that were left.
– I truly believe in giving where it is needed, the trouble is there are so many in need.

– I need to be made aware of the need or an organization’s ministry work, as I don’t always seek out opportunities to give on a regular basis (although I probably should). I like to be asked to give, but this isn’t to be confused with being harassed by any one organization with non-stop mailings or phone calls.

– I’d like a more direct link between my donation and how the money is used

– If I had more money

– I already contribute substantially

– I have several charities and religious organizations in which I donate, and they seem to be accountable and professional.

– I would give more, if I had more to give. The above are only excuses. We are called to give out of our poverty, not our excess.

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