God, Earth Day and a scientist dare

Surgeon/Scientist Issues New “Find Where He Signed” Challenge

Dallas—April 20, 2010—God underwrites and sponsors Earth Day every day and signs his work. On Earth Day’s 40th anniversary, Dr. Charley Gordon, brain surgeon, scientist, and author of the new book In Plain Sight issues the nation’s first annual Earth Day challenge to “Find Where He Signed.” In Plain Sight is a 40-day return to wonder as Dr. Gordon—using photos and essays—helps readers develop eyes to recognize scientific miracles of creation.  Winners will be announced May 19 at InPlainSightTheBook.com. Entries may be individual or group/class and are judged for originality, ingenuity, presentation, and explanation. More details on the website. All ages (particularly in teams) are urged to compete.

A signature is defined as evidence in nature of clear intelligence, humor, beauty, natural laws, or unlikely but obvious match-ups. In Plain Sight’s 40 examples include:

1. Match-up: Galaxies and hurricanes, seen from above, show the same coil.
2. Humor: 1) The cerebellum, the fist-sized structure at the brain’s base, in a salad bar, would be mistaken for cauliflower. 2) Chickens.
3. Beauty: A magnificent sunset or a full-circle rainbow has been known to stop traffic. Why is that? Why do humans brake for beauty?
4. Natural principles: The Golden Ratio, the swirl in shells and roses, shows up also in galaxies and grains of sand. Coincidence?
5. Clear intelligence: Unlike every other substance, water’s solid form (ice) is lighter than its coldest liquid form. Except for this, oceans would be frozen solid, killing all life.

“You have to listen for a cricket before you can pick out a cricket’s voice in the night chorus. You have to look in order to find,” Dr. Gordon said. “Since I began to notice creation’s astounding ‘rules’ and evidence of a Great Artist, examples jump out.” And the “Find Where He Signs” challenge is on.

Dr. Gordon’s In Plain Sight gives 40 examples—with photos—from personal exploration: evidence of intelligence, humor, and artistry throughout the universe. Groups, skeptics, science classes, and churches praise In Plain Sight for opening them to God through nature and science.

Deadline for entries is May 10—winners announced May 19. In Plain Sight is available on Amazon.com.

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