Oregon straw poll on Obama and Israel

Oregon Faith Report Straw Poll,
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Oregonians of faith are evenly divided over the recent controversy between the White House and Israel which involves the Vice President’s visit, East Jerusalem settlements, and the Prime Minister’s visit.

Straw poll comments below:

– Obama must stand up for our people.

– Israel has a right to govern its own affairs and risks.

– The oppressed has become the oppressor and it is very dissappointing.

– Why does the White House need to have a say in such matters. If they can accomplish such a thing and maintain ipeace, then go for it. They’re grown ups… let’em hask it out for themselves.

– The land covenant is for Israel, not the Palestinians.

– The Left and, sadly, for some reason I have never been abe to figure out, the American Jews hate Isreal, one of our last friends.

– Israel made a mistake and the White House is standing their ground

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