Sympathy for Bill Gates?

Oregon Faith Report Survey,

It turns out that there is sympathy and lots of it for Bill Gates for the work he is doing.  Oregon Faith Report asked their readers this question last month.  Question: Bill Gates was ranked this year as the second richest person in the world at a net worth of $53 billion. Gates has been very high profile in the billions he has given to charity. What best represents your feelings about Bill Gates and his money? ANSWER choices: Not impressed…because he still has $53 billion or “A role model for other billionaires” .

Comments below:

– Anyone blessed to such an extent has a responsibility to give back to humanity.

– If it had been to causes I agreed in, I would have been more impressed. And good for him. Everyone has the right to be rich!

– If he is the second richest, he is obviously not spending it fast enough.

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