Alabama Gov. Candidate Ad Takes Religious Hit

Fox News reports, “A mysterious ad that accuses a candidate for governor in Alabama of supporting the theory of evolution and questioning the Bible has triggered a dizzying and nasty shouting match in the state’s hotly contested Republican primary race. “

“The ad — part of a campaign against Republican candidate Bradley Byrne by a group called the True Republican PAC — questions Byrne’s faith and accuses him of being a “liberal.”

Referencing Byrne’s time on the state school board, where he was first elected as a Democrat in the 1990s before switching parties, the ad’s narrator says in a quizzical voice:

“On the school board, Byrne supported teaching evolution, said evolution best explains the origin of life — even recently said the Bible is only partially true.” Another voice closes the ad by saying Byrne is “trying to look conservative.”

That and other ads triggered an all-hands-on-deck response from the Byrne campaign, which launched a “truth team” website, issued a series of statements denying the group’s charges, accused a GOP opponent and Democratic operatives of being in cahoots against him, and launched an ad of its own. The campaign also released a lengthy statement calling the faith ad “despicable.”  Continue reading

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