NW military mom reaches out

One Military Mother Reaches Out

ENUMCLAW, Wash.,  — Nobody understands the heart-stopping power of “I’ve been deployed to Iraq” like mothers and spouses of soldiers. Suddenly news reports of roadside bombs, scenes of gunfire, and casualty reports become personal. When Donna Mull’s son was deployed to Iraq, she immediately felt a call to support military families as they faced the fear and uncertainty. Anticipating that she wasn’t the only woman at church with a family member fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, she tried to coordinate a prayer group. When that didn’t work out, Donna began writing prayer devotions, highlighting specific areas of need, and e-mailing them to family members and friends.

Driven by belief in the power of prayer and love for her son, Donna Mull’s prayers were written to voice the needs of soldiers and families. “The network of recipients grew as people forwarded them to others.” Mull says, “However, as these prayer devotionals went out as emails to friends and family, I often got feedback about how a particular prayer spoke to situations in the reader’s life unrelated to military experience.” These devotions are now collected in the book “A Prayer Journey through Deployment,” released April 2010 from WinePress Publishing Group.

“I didn’t have a book in mind when this experience began. I simply wanted to get as many people as I could to pray for my son. I knew that drawing people into the experience of soldiers would be the best way of inspiring prayer.” The book idea came when readers suggested that the material might be valuable to others facing a loved one’s deployment. Writing the devotions that became “A Prayer Journey” opened Mull’s eyes to the unique challenges facing today’s soldiers. “Not only are soldiers going through the fear, deprivation, loneliness, extraordinary physical and emotional pressures of combat but it is not always clear who the enemy is or if the homeland is behind you . . . More than ever leaders and soldiers need our prayer.”

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