Palau urges Hispanic clergy to come into mainstream

By Beaver Believer,
Portland writer

Oregon’s most notable evangelist, Luis Palau, spoke to 200 people at the Woodburn Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts.  Paula urged better connection with the Hispanic clergy saying, “I think we need to bring in more Hispanic clergy and Hispanic businesspeople into the mainstream so they don’t feel alienated and that will help everybody with the peacefulness of the community.”.

Because Woodburn has such a large growing Hispanic community, many people have said it is a City of two different worlds.   With different cultures, and at times different languages, these worlds often remain separate.  Paula’s brief mention of this need to come together is something has been thought about but few public figures have actually spoken about in public.

Palau also praised the City, “I always loved Woodburn, I have good memories,” he said, referring to a time more than 10 years ago he visited with the Woodburn Kiwanis. “You’re in the paper all the time so I can’t forget you.

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