Straw Poll: Clergy sex abuse an undecided issue

This week The Oregonian did a front page series on the Boy Scout Abuse case.  You can read it here at Boy Scouts lagged in efforts to protect children from molesters .   When the European abuse cases were making headliens this Spring Oregon Faith Report offered up a chance for Oregonians to offer their opinion on how Oregon clergy abuse prevention programs are doing. The survey results show that the issue  are greatly unresolved which leaves clergy in a position to make progress or lose ground.

Question: Germany is facing a clergy sex abuse scandal. Oregon has had a similar experience which has led to policy and procedure changes across denominations. Do you feel that Oregon houses of worship have responded adequately since the abuse issue came to light?

The answer choices were; (a) Yes – Positive changes (b) No – Too much more needs to be done (c)No opinion.
Survey comments
– The US should take RICO action against this organization. Victims have suffered, many suicide and others mentally ill. This is lacking information that should be in the news. Show the victims.

– There are bad people in all walks of life. Sadly, he clergy are no exception.

– The actions of a few are killing every one else.  Soemtimes those few are the ones with the most influence.

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