Helping non-Jewish moms raise Jewish kids

Helping non-Jewish moms raise Jewish kids
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The Oregon Jewish Review highlighted the special unique work of a ministry called The Mother’s Circle (link here).    The Mother’s Circle described themselves as  “ umbrella of free educational programs and resources for non-Jewish women raising Jewish children within the context of intermarriage or a committed relationship.”   It is becoming an important way to preserve a religious heritage under evolving circumstances.    All their activities are free and chances to participate in their next sessions is coming up this August and September.  

The Oregon Jewish Review noted the early and high praise for the program;

“I’m in awe—I mean truly in awe—of people who say, ‘It’s not the religion of my birth, it’s not the religion I was raised in, but I fell in love within somebody who’s Jewish, and I’m going to do this,’” says Rothstein, who is also program coordinator for Congregation Neveh Shalom.

Two-hour classes facilitated by Jewish educator, author and life coach Lois Shenker are held twice monthly, October to May, and cover everything from holidays and challah baking to perspectives on Jewish values, parenting and life cycle events.“It’s a wonderful, safe place for people to ask questions, to learn, but also to vent if they have concerns and they don’t know where to take them,” says Shenker, who believes non-Jewish women raising Jewish families face some tough hurdles, not the least of which is the dichotomy of their own beliefs.

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