Kagan Religion Straw Poll: Keep out of hearing

Oregon Faith Report Reader Survey,

Just in time for the Elena Kagan Supreme Court nominee hearings. Recently we surveyed our readers this question: “Do you feel a Supreme Court nominee’s religion should be a part of the public discussion?”.  The majority, 56%,  said religion should not be part of the public debate and 44% said yes.

Below are people polled responses on the Elena Kagen question…

– I’m more interested in a candidates moral character than his “religion”.

– It is important to understand every aspect of a nominee’s decision making process

– I would like to know where they are coming from and what they believe.

– Okay if it is, just doesn’ t really matter. It is the principles they act on in their faith that matter, and that is what needs to be scrutinized

– A Supreme Court nominee like Elena Kagan or Sam Alito for that matter, should be free to express their history and life-story in regards to beliefs but not be compelled.  There is a vast difference.

– Whatever Kagan says will be used against her anyways.

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