Lightning sets Jesus statue on fire.

A well known statute of Jesus entitled King of Kings, in Monroe Ohio was hit by lightning and burned to the ground.  Over $700,00 of damages was done. The good news is that the church plans to rebuild the statute.

Below are some humor notes on the incident by local media outlets.

Time Magazine
“Church officials said the statue would be resurrected.”

New Jersey Star Ledger
“I swear to God, this not a prank … I am serious,” said one concerned caller, “I just saw it get struck by lighting.”

Cincinnati Inquirer
“At 4 p.m. Tuesday, police will start ticketing motorists on Interstate 75 who stop to gawk at the burned-out statue.”

Budget Travel blog
“It’s been a mainstay along the busy interstate since 2004, and it’s famous across the area. Its multiple nicknames include “Touchdown Jesus” (its raised arms looked like a referee signaling a TD call) and “Big Buttery Jesus” (its wood and Styrofoam exterior looked exactly like, yep, butter). “

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