NW author pens Imaginary Jesus

Oregon Faith News Note;

Vancouver author, Matt Mikalatos, is taking on the misconceptions of Jesus in a bold and comedic way with his new book entitled Imaginary Jesus.  It is about all the self-created Jesus’ popular today including — patriotic Jesus, Harley Jesus, Political Jesus and more.   Check out their video below and then the recent Oregonian piece.

Sunday Oregonian article,

“Mikalatos, who lives in Vancouver, weaves his personal story into a quest to rid himself of his imaginary Jesus as he searches for the real Jesus. Ultimately, Mikalatos wants to ask Jesus a question about a difficult circumstance he lived through — a miscarriage he and his wife Krista experienced — which brings up the universal question: “How can a good God allow bad things to happen to good people?”

He gives the imaginary Jesuses names based upon their character qualities, such as Perpetually Angry Jesus, Hollywood Jesus, Political Jesus, TV Jesus, and Conservative Truth-Telling Jesus.  Take for example TV Jesus, who says: “If you follow me, you will have the life you always wanted. Money! Wealth! Big house! Fancy plane! Unending health!”

“My thought was what if I could write a book so that you are having so much fun reading it, that whether you are a Christian or not, you’re not going to care; you are having a good time, so that afterward, we’d have such interesting conversation.”

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