Study: Prayer boosts health factors

Prayer is Key to Health, Study Says

CANONSBURG, Penn.,  — Communicating with God can improve one’s physical health, Australian researchers suggest in a report showing that religious or spiritual prayer can boost emotional and physical wellbeing.  “As a devout Catholic, I experience the power of prayer every day,” says David Beato, author of the new book The Power of Prayer, Endurance and Truth. “It helps me to conduct my personal and business lives in a less stressful and more positive way.”  Mr. Beato’s book describes how religion has shaped his life from his difficult childhood in Italy during World War II to his struggle to make it as a successful businessman in America. Along the way Mr. Beato faced many monumental tests of faith, including the death of his beloved son, professional setbacks and deceptive family members who tried to ruin him.

The Australian scientists believe that the psychological benefits of praying include a reduction of stress and the promotion of a more positive and stronger outlook on life. A number of medical studies show that prayer can help to:

* Lower blood pressure.
* Reduce anxiety and improve sleep.
* Decrease depression.
* Reduce cholesterol and atherosclerosis, which leads to heart attacks and strokes.
* Promote faster recovery from surgeries.

“I believe the power of prayer will never go out of style,” says Mr. Beato. “In fact, for better emotional and physical health, people should definitely consider incorporating prayer into their everyday lives.”

David Beato is a well-known real estate developer in southwestern Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife. He has one son and two daughters who are all college educated and married, and his greatest joy is spending time with his children and grandchildren.

The Power of Prayer, Endurance and Truth by David Beato is available on and

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