Supreme Court friendlier to religious freedom

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Obama’s Supreme Court choice  of Elena Kagan is making headlines.   The LA Times reported this week that Sonia Sotomeyer’s actions on the court is reliably with the liberal wing on the court.  Obama’s liberal (link here).   Is teh publci worried about a change?   We posed the question to readers and found out that the public finds the Supreme Court is becoming more frinedly to religious freedoom since the Mojave-Cross decsion.
QUESTION: The US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Mojave Cross, and other religious displays, to be allowed on public land. Do you feel that the Supreme Court is becoming more friendly to religious freedom?

ANSWER: 56% Yes,  44% No

Comments :

– It feels like an empty gesture

– The separation of church and state is going to cause a lot of conflict. The two systems are drifting apart.

– not more friendly, but perhaps more friendly to our constitutional rights

– Sad day when the Supreme Court needs to become “friendly” to one of our basic constitutional freedoms.

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