Christian TV Meets Provacative Documentary

By Dan Merchant
NW Filmmaker
Producer of Lord Save Us Movie

Sometimes it seems this Lord, Save Us journey I’ve been on has lasted a decade or two, in fact it’s been about 5 years and we reached yet another milestone this past week – our broadcast television premiere on the oldest Christian television network in the world, TBN. A couple of snap shots that illustrate for me the breadth of the journey with the Lord, Save Us From Your Followers book and movie: my Spring 2008 appearance on NBC’s “The Today Show” where I was interviewed by Matt Lauer and then sitting with Paul Crouch Jr. on the set of Praise The Lord.

In between these two sit downs the film had been released theatrically in 30 cities, we’d won film festivals and awards, I’d completed three tours of colleges and churches and amazingly, a beautiful, powerful and productive conversation had sprung to life in every venue. The wider the film reaches, the more positive things happen. That’s pretty encouraging to me and is, for me at least, an affirmation to keep pushing on. Now, while talk show sets of “The Today Show” and “Praise The Lord” bear some similar elements, I have to say my mind was swimming during both appearances: “I can’t believe Matt Lauer is asking me about Jesus on national television,” and “I can’t believe Paul Jr. just said ‘Tonight on a very special Praise the Lord, we’re going to be watching one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen, Lord Save Us From Your Followers.” For me, it just seems like there is something going on here that I didn’t cause. Perhaps God is on the move, because this stuff has been getting pretty weird. Hah. But as long as it stays weird, I’m in.

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