Census riles 65% of Oregonians says poll

Oregon faith Report Online Poll,

Most Oregonians consider the Census process an uncomfortable experience according to an Oregon Faith Report online straw poll.   The question asked was “In filling out the 2010 census, did you feel comfortable/uncomfortable on the questions asked?” with 65% saying uncomfortable, 21% comfortable and 14% undecided.   This is terrible public relations nearly one out of five customers come away with a negative experience.

The second question was “If you answered “Uncomfortable” to the Census question, please list which Census questions contributed to your feelings. (You may select any choice that applies)” where the leading response was a negative to the age question by 77% followed by telephone 66%.

Here were soem comments left.

– The EXTRA questions NOT required by the constitution are concerning. At best it feels nosey, but when I find that I’m reluctant to send emails or other internet messages that could be seen as unpopular by the current administration and possibly noted in some file, I hesitate to reveal much of my personal life or preferences in such a poll as the “census”    .

– I didn’t fill it out. Didn’t answer the door for the census taker either.

– They said they needed my telephone number in case. No they don’t. They can mail me a letter with a question. Race? Why am I “White” instead of Caucasian or whatever. And the categories of race or strange this round. And why age. Why not just “Over 18” and “Under 18. Frankly, why any age, why not just say the person who filled it out was of legal age and call it good. Everything we tell them can be used for bad reasons, so why do they ask? Their convenience is not sufficient reason to give up rights to privacy. The form should be greatly simplified.

– owning a home, money matters, etc. and mostly birthdate

– I was hired by the census. They told workers that respondents can self identify. If they tell you they’re a Smurf, that’s what you write.

– There is only one race, but many people groups

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