Florida Imam on burn Quran intervention episode

By Odyssey Networks

Odyssey Networks was on the grounds of the Dove Center for an interview with Musri just after his dialogue with Jones.  In it, he tells Odyssey why he chose to persuade the pastor through the use of Christ’s own teachings. In addition, Musri offers outspoken criticism of the intense coverage of extremists in all corners of the world and in all religions. The media’s fascination with the fringes of faith has made for misrepresentation and contributed to hostility in both the West and the Muslim world, he says.

The Musri interview is the latest in Odyssey’s “Faith in Action,” a new online news concept dedicated to telling the stories of people whose work is changing the world. In addition to the Gainesville controversy, “Faith in Action” has covered the work of faith leaders coping with the Gulf oil spill and the recent visit of Archbishop Timothy Dolan to earthquake-stricken Haiti.

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