Michael Moore: $60K for Ground Zero Mosque

Michael Moore defends Ground Zero Mosque plan
By Oregon Report Faith News Note:

The controversy behind the New York Ground Zero Mosque may not be over as liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has decided to enter into the debate in full defense of the mosque according to Arab News.  Moore’s used his media flare when he commented, “Don’t build it near ground zero. Build it on ground zero.”  Moore started a pledge drive for the mosque construction where he has raised $60,000 to date.

On Why he is doing it:
“Times are tough economically, and supporting our Muslim brothers and sisters is not a popular thing to do right now, I am truly touched by your generosity — and people around the world will know that you, too, represent an America they rarely get to see.”
On double standards:
“Blaming a whole group for the actions of just one of that group is anti-American.  Timothy McVeigh was Catholic. Should Oklahoma City prohibit the building of a Catholic Church near the site of the former federal building that McVeigh blew up”

On why the site is not sacred
“There is a McDonald’s two blocks from Ground Zero. Trust me, McDonald’s has killed far more people than the terrorists,”

On religious prejudice
“Let’s face it, all religions have their whackos….But we don’t judge whole religions on just the actions of their whackos.”

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