Nationwide 9-11 prayer vigil in 840 counties

Distinguished Christian Leaders Gather at the Pentagon on 9/11
— Cry Out America Nationwide Prayer Gathering Pours Across 50 States and over 840 Counties United in Prayer for America

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 /Christian Newswire/ — In Memory of the thousands of people murdered and the 6,000 people injured by terrorist’s attacks on September 11, 2001, distinguished Christian leaders and members of the Awakening America Alliance ( will gather at The Pentagon for a wreath laying ceremony and prayer and launch Cry Out America across 840 counties nationwide from this pivotal national monument.

Dr. Sterling Brackett (COO of The Foursquare Church) and Dr. David Ferguson (Intimate Life Ministries) will present the wreath laying ceremony. Bob Bakke (Executive Director of Global Day of Prayer for US) will preside over prayer for America’s Armed Forces and Mark Williams (Assistant Overseer, Church of God) will share scripture and comments. Then Ron Luce (President and Founder, Teen Mania Ministries) will lead prayer for the awakening of America’s youth and Dr. David Ferguson will lead prayer for the awakening of America’s families. Tom Phillips (Vice President of Crusades, BGEA) will lead prayer for the awakening of America’s Churches and Wayman Ming (General Secretary of Pentecostal Church of God) will lead prayer for America’s clergy. Lastly, Billye Brim (Founder, Billye Brim Ministries) will lead prayer for Awakening in America and closing comments will be given by Executive Director of the Awakening America Alliance, Billy Wilson.

CRY OUT AMERICA, in conjunction with the Awakening America Alliance, is a bold public statement calling Christian believers in every county of America to unite in prayer this Saturday, 9/11, at the noon hour in humbling themselves before God, repenting, crying out for revival in their region and reclaiming America for God.

Tom Phillips, Vice President of Crusades, BGEA, said, “Spiritual Awakenings of the church have always occurred after a season of concerted, united prayer by God’s people in a locality, whether small or large, when the circumstances of life call His people to sacrificial prayer, repentance, and subsequent intimacy with Jesus. Oh, Lord, may it be so today.”

On September 11th of 2001, America was shaken to its foundation by terrorist’s attacks on its own soil. Americans were awakened to the reality of global terrorism and terrorist attacks were no longer just on distant shores. Americans experienced a sense of vulnerability unlike anything they had ever known. In many ways, 9/11 was a predictive statement about the 21st Century and what was to come during the first decade of this new millennium. Islam had penetrated America’s spiritual psyche and fear has engulfed the nation.

“Islam’s advancement in America since 9/11 has been a unique phenomenon,” said Billy Wilson, Executive Chairman of the Awakening America Alliance. “Instead of Americans understanding the philosophy behind the Jihadist attacks and becoming more resistant than ever to Islam, many Americans have thrown the doors open to this encroaching religion. Islam has grown rapidly in America since 9/11 and immigration from Islamic nations into the United States has reached all time highs during this decade. America’s current President has Islamic leanings and many citizens have seemed more bent on defending Islamic rights in America than the rights of any other religious group. One must wonder how the murder of over 3,000 people on September 11, 2001 could make the religious philosophy behind it more desired or acceptable. Yet, that is what has happened.”

New generations of Americans have found themselves in an atmosphere of apprehension surrounded by uncertainty. These are critical times, America is in a spiritual crisis and in the opinion of many American citizens, it is time for America to return to its spiritual roots.

“9/11 should have been a prophetic wake-up call to the Christian church,” Wilson continued. “It seemed this would be true as millions of Americans fell to their knees amidst devastation and death in the days immediately following the terrorist attacks. Churches were full and volunteerism was high across the nation. An alarm had been sounded and it seemed that a sleeping church might awake to the challenge. Yet, this moment of awakening was short lived. The American church is being called to experience and lead a contemporary awakening so that new generations of Americans can know the power of Christ’s love and this nation can be preserved. This awakening will necessitate major spiritual change for all of us. A significant inner separation from the spirit of this age will be required of us if we are to affect our generation for Christ. God is at work and I believe an Awakening is on the way!” Wilson concluded.

“It is one thing for a people to acknowledge that their deeds are sinful, but choose to do them anyway. But when a people have strayed so far from Truth that they have lost the capacity to acknowledge sin and instead call evil good, such a people are on the precipice of destruction,” said Bishop Darlingston Johnson, Senior Pastor of Bethel World Outreach Church and Presiding Prelate of Bethel World Outreach Ministries International ( “Sadly, this is where America is headed. But there is hope — if, and only if, the Church prays.”

The Awakening America Alliance is a non-partisan coalition of denominations, nationally prominent Christian leaders, churches, ministries, para-church ministries, and men and women of God from every walk of life whose purpose is to increase the awareness of the deep spiritual need in today’s America and to pursue a fresh Spiritual awakening in our nation that will impact the world.

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