Nun feud erupts in Spokane

Nun feud erupts in Spokane

Oregon Faith Report News Note:  Police are investigating a report of theft of money, goods and records between nuns at two Spomane convents.  Adding to the conflict are allegations of slander and harassment.  Even criticism has been directed at teh police on how tehy handle the case.  The Spokesman Review reports in the article “Conniving alleged at Mount St. Michael convent”;

“The episode has resulted in a police investigation at the request of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Ghost, who claim that two members of their convent left, but not before stealing the items and turning them over to a rival convent at Mount St. Michael. The convents are affiliated with different breakaway sects of the modern Catholic Church. They are considered traditionalist Roman Catholics who believe in the papacy, but do not recognize Benedict XVI as the true pope. They only offer the traditional Latin Mass.

Marie de Montfort, the reverend mother of the Missionary Sisters affiliated with Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic Church, complained to Spokane Valley police that personal and personnel files, financial records, credit card numbers, her religious order’s corporate seal, and other items were stolen from safes and a business office by the nuns who departed her convent.”

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