Vancouver acid victim says God helped her

Bethany Storro, the victim of an acid attack in downtown Vancouver held a press conference and spoke about her faith in God.   She said, “I’m here today because of Jesus Christ.  I am a believer” and “I have no enemies.  In time, I’m going to forgive her. Then I can move on.” and “God is watching over me. I can’t live the rest of my life in fear.”

On buying sunglasses 20-minutes before the attack:

“For some reason I had this feeling that I needed to go buy some sunglasses, I finally foudn teh pair I liked…If I had not had those I would have been blind…That’s Jesus for sure,”

On her support

“I have many friends who love me and I am blessed.”

On anger:

There has been no one to get mad at.  Everyone has been nice to me.”

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