Mormon skit puts school in hot water

Mormon skit puts Lebanon High School school in hot water
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Can a school skit poke fun at a religion?  What if the person involved wanted to to make fun of their own religion?  This is the type of puzzling question that Lebanon High School staff are discussing after they received complaints of a pep rally that included jokes regarding Mormons.  The skit was not pre-screened, so it slipped by and now is the focus of a review.  The skit creator is Kaylie Probert who is a Mormon  just wanted to have humorous fun about her self and her faith.

Details of the skit The Democrat Herald below…

The skit involved students pretending to be missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaching a group of teens. Mormon missionaries work in pairs throughout the world to teach the gospel and baptize those who accept their message. Probert said the skit began with several students playing Frisbee who were then joined by Probert, who wore a sign that read, “Not Mormon Yet.”

Probert’s homecoming escort and another boy, both dressed in missionary suits, approached Probert and, through gestures, began teaching about their faith. Probert shook her head, but eventually accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and left the scene. Along with the Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon is also considered scripture in the LDS church.

Fellow students held up signs saying, “Two Years Later,” referring to the standard length of a mission for two young men, as Probert and her homecoming escort reappeared, with Probert now wearing a sign that said, “Mormon And Single.” Fellow students cheered as Probert’s escort then presented her with her homecoming princess crown. A staff member ended the skit by turning a handspring and holding up a sign that read, “I Love Mormons.” Probert said she, her escort and the others who participated in the skit – with the exception of the staff member – all belong to the Mormon church.

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