Portland leads in sex trafficking

Oregon Faith News Note:

Portland made the national ABC News Nightline segment for being a leader in the sex trafficking business. Why Portland? It turns out that Portland has one of the highest number of adult establishments. The high number of such adult establishments (strip bars, video shops, escort) per capita creates an atmosphere for exploitation. The Nightline report went as far to describe that Portland “ is a national hub for child sex trafficking.”.

With human trafficking problems comes vulnerable victims who are forced into prostitution and drugs. Many of the victims are underage.

One witness wrote to The Oregonian on the destruction that sex trafficking is doing to Portland neighborhoods is one man who saying, “I am the father of a 1 year old girl and 3 year old son. I have lived in Oregon for 26 years. Unfortunately I have witnessed the growth of sex industry businesses in my own neighborhood on the border of Portland and Beaverton. Local and state government officials so far have been unable to stem this tide. Like the vast majority of Oregonians,…The growth of the sex industry in our state is, in part, a result of Oregon’s right to free speech being broader than the federal Constitution, which has limited local authorities’ ability to regulate this industry.”

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