NASCAR team owner finds way to share faith

By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministry
Sandy, Oregon

Some of you are avid NASCAR fans; some of you know nearly nothing about it. Here’s what Wikipedia says: “Professional football is the only sport in the United States to hold more viewers than NASCAR. Internationally, NASCAR races are broadcast in over 150 countries. NASCAR holds 17 of the top 20 attended single-day sporting events in the world, and claims 75 million fans who purchase over $3 billion in annual licensed product sales. Many marketers consider NASCAR fans the most brand-loyal in all of sports.”

I’ve been to two NASCAR races, both of them with Joe Gibbs. (See my post on the time Nanci and I spent with Joe last year.) I’ve been up in three pit boxes with him, watching his drivers Denny Hamlin (who going into this weekend’s race has a very narrow points lead), Kyle Busch and Joey Logano. (In the picture above, that’s Nanci and me with Joe Gibbs and Joey Logano.) watched Joe sign hundreds of his life story tracts that share the gospel of Christ straight from the Scriptures.

Joe asked me to write the chapter on Heaven for his great book Game Plan for Life, and I spoke with him and Tony Evans last year at an event in Richmond. I spoke at his employee chapel in Charlotte when Nanci was with me.

Joe is a quality guy with a big heart for God. Whether or not you have an interest in NASCAR, you may enjoy Joe’s perspective on this weekend’s race, which will determine who wins the Sprint Cup, NASCAR’s equivalent to the Super Bowl. I love Joe’s honesty and that he strives to take an eternal perspective. Though we’re not in Joe’s position, we should all be able to relate to his words about something we WANT REALLY BAD—and the importance of trusting God to do what He knows to be best.

I find myself pulling for Denny Hamlin because I’m pulling for Joe Gibbs and his entire team. But, along with Joe, what I’m really pulling for is that God would be honored in the lives of His children, as we trust in Him and His sovereign grace.


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