Bush: Family breakdown top threat to America

By Oregon Faith Report News Note:

George Bush in a radio interview with Focus on the Family talked boldly about the breakdown of the American family and the dangers it poses to the nation. The perils of the American family decline were put center stage in this insightful radio broadcast. Between former President Bush’s stark statements and the host’s statistics it was a compelling exchange over our country and our families.  Please read the transcript below. It has been edited for textual clarity.

Jim Daly: When we were together a few months ago. I asked you after eight years of sitting in the seat as President “What do you think is one of the greatest risk the nation faces?”. You answer surprised me a bit, given terrorism and everything you face. But you said one certainly is the breakdown of the family. Help me understand that.

George Bush: First of all, the biggest external threat right now is an attack. Yet, I still believe it is true and I know it is true. The breakdown of the family [is also a threat]. I have always said this as President that being a single mother is one of the hardest jobs in America. Many single moms struggle with raising their children because a father has left them broke. He hasn’t fulfilled his obligation to be a responsible father, meaning his is not paying his child support payments. It is hard for children to grow up without a dad in the household. It is not only hard on the mom but it is hard on the child.

Jim Daly: We do lead in that in the world. The United States leads the world in the rate of fatherless homes. Where Kids 18 and under with 40% don’t have a dad.

George Bush: That is hard. It is hard on the mom, hard on the child and hard on society. Therefore it is important for people of faith to really fill the void. Help give the child a chance.

Jim Daly:
Often times people will ask us if Focus on the Family is a Christian organization and then what do you do to feed the poor. One of the response we give is that we fight poverty at its core which is divorce. When a man and woman separate the women and children will typically fall into poverty. That is one of the things we try to do each and every day.

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