Portland Archdiocese awards local grants

Catholic Campaign for Human Development awards local grants
By Portland Archdiocese

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) of the Archdiocese of Portland has awarded two local grants. The Campaign is the domestic anti-poverty program of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Founded in 1970, CCHD works to eliminate the root causes of poverty and promotes economic justice. The Campaign is supported by a collection taken in parishes around the United States.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development offers grants for economic development projects, which assist poor and low-income people to develop new businesses and create jobs. Grants are also provided organizing projects whereby poor and marginalized people are empowered by joining together seeking solutions to local problems.

The two projects receiving local CCHD grants of $5,000 each are:
Huerto de la Familia (The Family Garden): Small Farmers Project
Eugene, OR

Small Farmers’ Project is a cooperative farm business established with eight low-income Latino families. Eight farm families have been working to plan the farm, develop the land and farm infrastructure, as well as establish the business since the spring of 2007.

The project increases each family’s income, creates better access to nutritious food and provides training for the farmers to manage and own their own farm business. With the support of CCHD Small Farmers’ Project was able to create a limited liability company (LLC) and received training in cooperative business development.

These funds will help further develop the business in two ways: 1) to provide more cooperative business training for the farmers; and 2) to create a documentary about the farm which the farmers would use to promote their business, as well as to share with other immigrant farmers and with their children.

The issues addressed by this project are: job creation and training, increased wages, food security and outreach.

Workers Rights Education Project: Food Cart
Portland, OR

Voz Workers Rights Education Project recently opened a food cart. The food cart represents a part of a creative strategy to create a sustainable funding model for the Worker Center. Voz understands that day laborers are unable to contribute to the organization in a typical donor relationship but they can choose to buy their lunch from at the food cart rather than Plaid Pantry. Tacos El Jornalero empowers day laborers by involving them directly into the fundraising work of the organization as customers, employees, volunteers, and leaders in the planning and evaluation processes for the business. The food cart will also attract new people from the wider community who will then become potential supporters and employers at the Worker Center.

This grant will strengthen and evaluate the business and strategic plans for this project, marketing, and provide assistance to this project.

In August of this year the Archdiocese of Portland and the National Catholic Campaign for Human Development announced two national grants to projects in the Archdiocese. The grants totaling $75,000 were awarded to Adelante Mujeres – Forest Grove Farmer’s Market and to Voz – Workers’ Rights Education Project – Leadership Training and Operating Expenses.


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